FAST MINDS* – programme delivered by The St Andrews Practice Highly Specialist Occupational Therapist

(FAST MINDS stands for: Forgetful, Achieving below potential, Stuck in a rut, Time challenged, Motivationally challenged, Impulsive, Novelty seeking, Distractible, Scattered)

The initial appointment(s) aim to help you to identify which topics it would be most helpful to gain professional support with.  It may take several sessions to cover each of the topic areas depending on your specific requirements. Alternatively, you may have other ideas of what you want help with, such as having a letter or report formulated to help your workplace or learning supports to understand your challenges and what adjustments may be helpful.

Initial appointment(s) Developing an understanding of your personal strengths and making sense of challenges, including responses to sensory input:

  • What makes an event or activity successful for you?
  • Why are some things a challenge?
  • The role of sensory processing/integration and other factors
  • Feel well, function well – looking after yourself

Topic 1 – Understand your responses to sensory experiences:

  • Your sensory profile
  • Understanding the sensory systems
  • Sensory strategies

Topic 2 – Attention and organisation

  • Role of rewards and stimulating tasks
  • Planning, timing and developing systems
  • Organising your environment – tackling external distractions
  • Internal distractions
  • Managing transitions

Topic 3 – Attention and memory

  • Supporting the storage process – systems/keeping track
  • Knowing your personal vulnerabilities
  • How to manage overload and sense of being overwhelmed

Topic 4 – Thinking before doing/managing impulsivity

  • Recognising unhealthy habits
  • Impulsive critical moments
  • Learning to use the pause button – developing a personalised plan

Topic 5 – Learning better habits

  • Environmental structures
  • Forming and establishing new habits

Topic 6 – Feel well, function well

  • Developing personal habits
    • Sleeping
    • Healthy eating and routines
    • Exercise

Topic 7 – Helping others to get it

  • Disclosure
  • Explaining strengths and challenges
  • Finding others that do get it

*from: “Fast Minds: How to Thrive If You Have ADHD (or Think You Might). _Craig Surman, Karen Weintraub, and Tim Bilkey. (2013), Berkley. ISBN 0425252833 (ISBN13: 9780425252833)”