Reaching Your Full Potential on the Spectrum

There is free post diagnostic support available if you have been diagnosed in the last two years, which you may wish to explore as an alternative to the programme offered by OT based at The St Andrews Practice. You can find this by clicking the logo below or following the link here.

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If you would prefer a tailored approach which aims to identify your specific strengths and challenges then the details are as follows:

The initial appointment(s) aim to help you to identify which topics it would be most helpful to gain professional support with.  It may take several sessions to cover each of the topic areas depending on your specific requirements. Alternatively you may have other ideas of what you want help with, such as having a letter or report formulated to help your workplace or learning supports to understand your challenges and what adjustments may be helpful.

Initial appointment(s): Developing an understanding of your personal strengths and making sense of challenges, including responses to sensory input:

  • What makes an event or activity successful for you?
  • Why are some things a challenge?
  • The role of sensory processing/integration and other factors
  • Feel well, function well – looking after yourself

Topic 1 – Understand your responses to sensory experiences:

  • Your sensory profile
  • Understanding the sensory systems
  • Sensory strategies

Topic 2 – Relationships

  • Strengths you bring to relationships
  • Challenges
  • Masking
  • Strategies to help
  • Disclosure: explaining your strengths and challenges

Topic 3 – Communication

  • Strengths and challenges
  • Obstacles
  • Conversations

Topic 4 – Stress and anxiety

  • Knowing your stressors
  • Preparing for demanding situations/activities
  • Responsive strategies

Topic 5 – Personal Management

  • Balancing the demands of your day
  • Organising your day and week

Topic 6 – Emotional toolkit

  • Strategies to manage your emotions and energy