The St Andrews Practice

Specialist Mental Health and Neurodiversity Service

The St Andrews Practice is an award winning, multi-disciplinary, specialist mental health and neurodiversity service. We work across the lifespan with adults, children, young people and families and are regulated by Healthcare Improvement Scotland.

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We are a team of highly specialist clinicians offering independent mental health and neurodiversity services for adults and children & young people. Our experienced multi-disciplinary team of qualified and regulated clinicians includes Clinical Psychologists, Consultant Psychiatrists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech & Language Therapists. We are based in St Andrews in North East Fife, and have a sister practice, The Invertay Practice, in Monifieth near Dundee. We also offer remote services across the whole of the UK.

We offer mental health assessment and diagnostic services, psychiatric prescribing, and evidence based psychological interventions for a range of common mental health difficulties including: depression; anxiety; OCD; PTSD; complex trauma; work stress; panic; relationship difficulties; grief/bereavement; and eating disorders.

Many of our clinicians are neurodiversity specialists who offer "gold standard" autism and ADHD assessments. All of our assessments are NICE/SIGN adherent and utilise standardised assessment tools such as ADOS. We also offer a range of post-diagnostic supports and interventions, including sensory profiles, sensory integration therapy, ADHD medication titration, and ADHD coaching.

We believe mental health care should not just be about the outcome. We strive to align with our service values at every stage of your journey with us, and hold empathy and compassion at the heart of our practice.


From our Clients

Our Vision

Sustainable innovations for mental health & wellbeing


Treating the whole person, emphasising the connections between the mind and the body.


We believe passionately in connecting with people to build relationships that enrich lives.


Strategic, purposeful approach to effective collaboration, partnership, and support that furthers the organization’s mission beyond profit.

Mission Statement

To help you inhabit your strengths, cope with life’s challenges, and thrive in your unique way

Growth Mindset

The cultivation of learning, resilience and adaptability, viewing problems from multiple perspectives.


We are not afraid to be different. We try new things and embrace progress. We are committed to being and staying on the cutting edge.


Advocating for the human rights, dignity, and diversity of every person, with respect and compassion.