Psychological Therapy

Our therapy sessions

The St Andrews Practice is equipped to provide a range of therapeutic interventions for children, young people and/or their parents. 

Our therapy sessions aim to alleviating emotional distress, help aid understanding of psychological processes, and discuss strategies that promote healthy ways of coping. The duration and frequency of therapy vary based on individual needs, with sessions typically lasting between 60-90 minutes, available in-person and sometimes online for older young people.

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From our Clients

Our Vision

Sustainable innovations for mental health & wellbeing


Treating the whole person, emphasising the connections between the mind and the body.


We believe passionately in connecting with people to build relationships that enrich lives.


Strategic, purposeful approach to effective collaboration, partnership, and support that furthers the organization’s mission beyond profit.

Mission Statement

To help you inhabit your strengths, cope with life’s challenges, and thrive in your unique way

Growth Mindset

The cultivation of learning, resilience and adaptability, viewing problems from multiple perspectives.


We are not afraid to be different. We try new things and embrace progress. We are committed to being and staying on the cutting edge.


Advocating for the human rights, dignity, and diversity of every person, with respect and compassion.