Autism Assessment

Multi-disciplinary Autism Assessments

At The St Andrews Practice, we specialise in undertaking multi-disciplinary autism assessments for children and young people. Employing “gold-standard” diagnostic tools such as ADOS, our expert clinicians ensure that each assessment epitomizes excellence. Engaging in multiple sessions, either in-person or digitally, our approach is thorough and aims to understand and evidence the complete profile of the child or young person. We assess developmental, educational, and family history. Collaboratively involving parents/carers, the child or young person, and schools/colleges where applicable, we ensure a 360-degree evaluation.

Post-assessment, we conduct a feedback session to share our thoughts and summarise the outcome of the assessment, forward plan, and address any queries. A comprehensive written report is then provided, detailing the assessment procedure, findings, strengths, challenges, and recommended interventions and/or accommodations at school/college.

We strongly believe that children, young people, and their families should be able to access support following a diagnosis, if they wish to do so. Post-diagnostic sessions and interventions are available on request (please see our interventions page).

Please note: We do not accept referrals for children or adolescents with learning disabilities, who are experiencing a psychotic illness, or who are currently at high risk of harming themselves or others.

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