In many cases people’s medication can be well managed by their GP. A psychiatrist can offer alternative expert consultation and advice when necessary.

A psychiatrist will review your symptoms, your medical and developmental history and your physical health, and consider whether any medication may be beneficial for you, either in the short or the long term. They will be able to assess whether any medication is contra-indicated or is likely to interact with other medications you are taking. Psychiatrists are also skilled in identifying when medication is unlikely to be beneficial to you, and they may be able to recommend alternative or additional approaches. Our psychiatrists consult, diagnose, and prescribe according to the scientific evidence base for effective treatments, as stated in national clinical guidelines such as NICE and SIGN guidelines. They adhere to ICD-10 diagnostic criteria, as well as applying their extensive specialist clinical experience.

If you want a specialist assessment with a Consultant Psychiatrist we can arrange this for you.